Aesthetic Medicine is the medical practice that applies for the restoration, maintenance and promotion of cosmetic, beauty and wellness nonsurgical techniques.

Its general objectives are:
– Treat all types of body inesteticismos.
– Apply medical techniques to improve the aesthetics and beauty.
– Prevent the occurrence of inesteticismos, especially by controlling aging.
– Promote physical, mental and personal wellbeing.

Main treatments performed Neofacial Institute in the field of aesthetic medicine:

– Filling lips
– Filling wrinkles
– Facial Rejuvenation
– Wrinkles of expression
– Mesotherapy
– Increased cheekbones
– Spots and pigmentation
– Chemical Peels

– Mesotherapy (cellulite and sagging)
– Sclerosis of varices

Most advanced treatments
Medical hair removal by laser diode Lightsheer with better results, fewer sessions and visits more spaced.

Find below Ultratone Futura Pro team that combining Myestimulación, the Microcurrent, Transmission Ultrasonic Ultracelular and covers all types of treatments:

– Microlifting facial
– Thinning
– Lymphatic Drainage
– Therapeutic Massage
– Lifting Bust
– Aging
– Sports Training